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How hand woven cloth is made

The process of making hand woven cloth is a lengthy one. From raw fibre through spinning and dyeing to the final woven product, many procedures are involved. Work starts with visual research and the selection of a colour palette. The warp is then designed when different combinations of weave structures and yarns are selected.

Next the yarns are finalised before being hand dyed where necessary and finally wound and threaded onto the loom. This process can take a number of days depending on the complexity of the warp being made.  It is only at this point that the cloth can be woven. The prospect of commissioning hand woven cloth may seem prohibitively expensive. This is not necessarily the case - a piece of cloth can be woven especially to your specifications and we love to work with clients to help achieve their vision. Atelier Quinze offer a bespoke service, colour matching to complement your existing furnishings and designing an original, unique piece.

The scarves, shawls, cushions and accessories we create are woven individually on our looms in our studio in La Trimouille - sampling is carried out on a 24 shaft dobby loom and the main weaving takes place on our large electronic dobby loom which allows the opportunity for the exploring of structures and design ideas on the computer.

Before starting to weave your cloth we finalise samples and design ideas with you so you can visualise the final product. Specifications: 16 shaft dobby loom. Minimum length 2m - maximum 20m. Maximum width, 110cm (41"). Yarns - as discussed with client and subject to requirements and availability. Yarns are carefully selected using quality fibres including silk, cashmere and lambswool and they are often then hand dyed to achieve a palette of rich colour.

Once the weaving is completed, we will sometimes over-dye to achieve our final colours before washing and finishing the cloth. Scarves, wraps and throws will often have hand twisted hems, a lengthy process but one we feel gives a beautiful finish to the end product.

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