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Atelier Quinze offers a number of workshops and one-to-one classes. With a large, fully-equipped, ground floor workshop, individual work benches on the first floor, and the weaving and textiles studio on the second floor, we are well equipped for lots of activities. See below for the current timetable of workshops.

As well as individual workshops we are planning to organise social get togethers where we meet up to make things (if we want), chat over a cup of tea or coffee and generally chill and meet like-minded folk for a couple of hours. However you join us the atmosphere is one of fun and sharing.

Following COVID-19 restrictions we finally started workshops in August 2021. Ask to join our newsletter to receive updates when we add new products and for details of our classes.


Workshops coming soon include:  Linocut Printing, Creative Jewellery Making, Colourful Paper Marbling, Creative Weaving, Natural Textile Dyeing, Eco Textile Printing, Gel Plate Printing, Textile Printing and Stitch and Creative Stitch. Ask to join our newsletter here.

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