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What's new for March

Since the first Open Day in February, I've been busy revisiting my early textile roots - stencilling and printing. Too many years ago to remember I used to stencil textiles and peoples' houses - stencilling was quite the thing back in the 80's. So, I fancied revisiting those same techniques whilst using some of my stash of beautiful vintage linens.

Many of those linens come from 'trousseaux', the traditional gift of linens, often monogrammed, and given to brides and grooms for their wedding day. I often find these monograms on my collection of linens - one shown below. Who were 'M' and 'P' I wonder...

Stencilling is the process of using a mask to block out areas of a design before you apply the paint or dye to the uncovered areas thus creating the design. Simple designs can be made using masking tape or strips of paper but a more durable and repeatable option is to use a plastic film from which you've cut your pattern. The finished design is heat set to cure the paint and to make it durable.

Here are some close-ups of a new design 'Queen Bee'. The 'workers' are black whilst the queen wears a gold crown thus denoting her status in the hive.

The next Open Day will be on Friday 15th March from 11h00 to 16h00.

Coming up in the following months, new products will include some sew-your-own textile kits including bags and cushions so if you're a lover of sewing you'll have the chance to create your own products. Also new will be some hand woven lambswool scarves.

In the meantime come and see me on the 15th.

Of course, I am more than happy to continue to open to personal visits should you want to visit outside the open days, so just contact me and I can arrange that for you.

Hope to see you soon.


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