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 Beverley Hicklin



I am a lampwork glass bead artist who loves colour. I graduated from Winchester School of Art with a degree in textile design, specialising in weave and worked as a freelance textile designer selling my designs to fashion houses, including Donna Karan and Calvin Klein.


My love affair with glass started in 2005 when I decided I'd like to make my own beads to use in my jewellery designs, then just a hobby. Since then my work has featured in a number of publications, a video and a book and I have been a regular contributor to bead and jewellery magazines.  I have also taught hundreds of students the delights of this exciting and creative art form.

Colour inspires, colour captivates, whether the soft blush of a duck egg or the vibrant show of a tropical flower. For me and my work, colour is everything. I hope you enjoy looking through my work. You can contact me directly to learn more.

Handmade Lampwork glass beads


Here you can see some examples of my past work. These beads are no longer available to buy but current beads are shown below.


You can find out more about how lampwork glass beads are made, HERE
Click below to see the beads and jewellery I currently have available for sale. These are available to purchase online but also from my boutique at Atelier Quinze ( in 86290 La Trimouille, France.

Beads and jewellery currently available include:

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